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Crowd Loading



acrylics on canvas



18 x 14 inch



“Crowd Loading” is when the images fuse together and transform into other images in a rhythmic frenzy as if they were moving acrylic paintings. Like many of my paintings, “Crowd Loading” resembled a mixture of faces, human bodies, plants and insects. According to its expressional performance and the style of depicting objects and symbolic ideas, this painting may be considered as a tribute to Surrealism. The complexity of organisms stands out from a pure background. The painting captured Surrealism’s notion of self-connection between subconsciousness and context.

The painting is trying to symbolise a natural environment where it is full of organic creatures. The pipe which was held by a grey hand represents the entry of my subconsciousness. It is a tunnel coming directly into my head which means that external stimuli influenced all of these internal distorted objects. The more stimuli I receive from the surroundings, the more deformed characters I represent in the painting.

The graphical elements of the painting comprise broken and reconstructed pieces, and then the illegible and ambiguous subconsciousness suddenly becomes symbols and surreal objects. This is what experience-visualisations are; a blend of aesthetics and information. For me, randomly combining different organisms is another way of entering the unconscious, of escaping from conscious thoughts, and possibly, of tweaking the deepest beliefs about art and connecting the higher self.

Crowd Loading
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